Tour Miami Beach Condos in style

Miami Beach Condos and Booking Tours With an Experienced Agent

You work hard, and when you come home, you can reward yourself with luxury living like Josh Stein’s St Regis Bal Harbor condos. You can do that by first touring the Miami beach condos for sale. When you work with an experienced realtor in Miami, you are in good hands. That’s because an experienced agent knows the area well, will listen to what you want and need from your property, and he will book his tours based on that information. So, if you’re looking for luxury condos, you will not be disappointed on your tours. You will find the features that will make your life more enjoyable. These features include, but are not limited to, amazing views, ample space and a spa-like master bedroom.

How important is having outdoor space to you? The best South Beach condos feature ocean views from the terrace. Further, if you are worried about fitting an outdoor dining set on the terrace, do not worry. You will find that some of the best condos feature 10-foot-deep terraces. Thus, you will have plenty of room for your outdoor furniture. For this reason, there is no need to shy away from inviting your friends over for cocktails on the terrace.

There are other aspects of your property search that you must consider. For example, you may be interested in touring South Beach condos that have a 24-hour fitness center. If you enjoy taking care of your body or running off the pressures of the day at the gym, you will love touring the fitness centers at the best communities. It is there that you will find the right exercise equipment to help you get in shape or maintain your physical fitness or burn off the stress from your workday.

Now is the best time to speak to an experienced real estate agent. Tell the agent that you are interested in touring what is on the market today. He will be thrilled that you took the time to call, and he will tell you about the Miami condos for sale. It will not be long before you start touring the properties in person. So, make your call now and get ready to tour Miami beach condos.

Neighborhoods around Houston that are exemplary

Best neighborhoods around Houston

Houston is a city that offers much more than impressive environment for residents. Furthermore, the city has beautiful neighborhoods than can be accessed even by foot. The neighborhoods makes the city very attracting at first sight. This is the reason why people have been flocking the city in search of houses to live in. The following are some of the best neighborhoods surrounding Houston:


This is located on Houston’s most industrialized East End. It dates back to the early 20th century and is just three miles from the city’s downtown region. It most attracts young urban professionals due to its scenic bungalows and rental apartments that are built with impeccable architectural styles.


This is located southwest of Houston and it borders Neartown and the United States Highway 59. The neighborhood, according to a recent census, has a population of approximately 5400 residents. It has 300 blocks that consist of apartments, historical homes and townhouses. The area has been a popular residential area but this was halted around 1963 when commercial businesses populated the area. It has many bars, clubs, restaurants, and therefore becoming attractive to young urban professionals and students. It is also located major educational institutions like Houston Community College, University of Houston, Rice University and Texas Southern University.

West University

This is an upscale city within a city though it is considered small by many people. The neighborhood is well equipped with its own police force and courts. It also has well appointed swimming pools, parks, sports league and ball field making it very suitable for a family outing. Big restaurants that offer various sumptuous foods are also scattered across the area. The West University Elementary, which voted the best in the region in 2012, is located some few kilometers from the town’s central business district. Additional, West University also has various historic sites that tourists can visit any other time.For tourists in the summer time, check out the best Houston neighborhoods for the heat. The Museum District, Southampton and Old Braeswood are some of these sites.

Sugar Land

It is located southwest of Houston and it is an important city in the Houston’s municipal area. It has registered almost 160% population growth over the past decade and a 50% rise in job opportunities; for this reason, it is one of the most rapidly growing cities in Texas. It got its name from a sugar plantation known as Imperial Sugar. In addition, it also has a chemical manufacturing plant called Nalco Chemical Company, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital and Western Airways. A large percentage of the population is college-educated employees especially in the energy industry who work on a white-collar basis. The neighborhood was recently declared one of the fittest cities in Texas and was ranked third by CNN’s Money Magazine on its list of the hundred best places to live in the United States of America.


It situated in the southwest region of Houston. It occupies thousands of acres and contains apartment complexes, family homes, restaurants and hotels. Most buildings in this area were build with high quality materials just after the Second World War, and thus most of them have aged. In the year 2010, the Houston Press named this region Best Hidden Neighborhood due to its quality buildings, ease of access, presence of commerce, and Sharpstown Golf Course.

Consult with Urban Leasing and Realty for expert recommendations on Houston’s best neighborhoods.

Design Considerations including Water Scarcity

Do you have enough water ?

The world is running out of water ? Have you heard this before ?

Ok let’s step back a couple ticks, we have a lot of water on this planet. We have abundant water for drinking and bathing in the western world. But there are water shortages even in America, look at California… they have a drought. The bottled water industry is a sham, some companies take tap water and sell it to you, very deceptive and nasty practices. Huge corporations are even trying to privatize access to water, they want to control water.

Water shortage World Map

About 70% of disease and illness in developing countries are from having not ideal water conditions. Many times people have to walk miles just to get access to drinkable water, this is not a casual experience. Water can be very heavy, can you imagine having to walk an hour to get some drinking water and carry it back an hour… it could be like walking with 20lb dumbbells.Read more about this on Wikipedia

The point of my little rant… design factors for harmonizing and efficiently using water in many mediums are very important.